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Outlook and Internet

Outlook and Internet


This is a 2 day course and all the arrangements and detail for course dates will be confirmed via email after payment was received.




  • Understand Internet basics
  • Distinguish between the intranet and the extranet
  • Understand what viruses are
  • Identify a web browser
  • Understand what the Uniform Resource Locator (URL) is
  • Identify the Microsoft Internet Explorer 9 Interface
  • Use web-based tools
  • Download programs and files from the web
  • Understand the workings of a search engine
  • Search the web and getting usable information, schedule appointments and meetings in an electronic diary

Microsoft Outlook


  • Getting Started with Microsoft Outlook
  • Email Basics
  • Creating and Sending Simple Email Messages
  • Managing Your Emails
  • Contact Management
  • Working with Tasks
  • Working with Appointments and Events
  • Working with Meeting Requests and Responses
  • Working with Notes


  • Customizing MS Outlook
  • Customizing Messages
  • Organization
  • Using the Journal
  • Managing Tasks
  • Customizing Outlook’s Environment


  • Working with Mailbox
  • Organizing Outlook Items
  • Overview of the Notes and Journal
  • Calendar and Contacts
  • Outlook’s Collaboration Features
  • Templates and Forms
  • Saving and Archiving Emails
  • How to Work Offline and Remotely
  • Synchronizing with Outlook


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