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Basic PC concepts and Windows

Basic PC concepts and Windows


It is assumed that a learner who enters this course does not have any computer knowledge.

This is a 2 day course and all the arrangements and detail for course dates will be confirmed via email after payment was received.



Basic PC concepts

  • Discuss the history of computers briefly
  • Learn what a PC is and how it basically works
  • Identify the main components of PC hardware
  • Understand why upgrading a PC is important
  • Identify various PC software applications
  • Differentiate between hardware and software
  • Understand the interaction between hardware and software using the IPOS cycle
  • Understand what networks are used for
  • Identify the basic components of networks
  • Explain the advantages and disadvantages of using computers.

Working with Microsoft Windows

  • Understand where the Windows concept comes from
  • Learn how to use basic tools in Windows
  • Learn how to log on to your PC
  • Identify the desktop and the taskbar
  • Identify objects in Windows
  • Use the recycle bin
  • Identify tool tips
  • Identify common Window components
  • Learn how to control multiple opened Windows
  • Learn how to start a program
  • Use the help, support and search tools
  • Learn how to adjust PC hardware and PC software properties
  • Learn how to change basic mouse properties
  • View the display properties
  • Understand user accounts
  • Add and remove programs
  • Learn what drivers are
  • Use Windows Explorer to browse and create folders
  • Open and navigate through the Windows Explorer structure
  • Learn how to work with files and folders in Windows Explorer
  • Create and save a document in Windows
  • Know how to launch a program.


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